The JobsHorn aids employers, recruiters and job seekers as a single platform for all hiring needs, this service will save employers enormous amount of time to track every stage of hiring process beginning with job advertising to brining employee onboard. Job seekers get well exposure of their profile and get hired in less time.



Industries sectors are growing exponentially and hiring new talents need to meet the growth by spending less amount of time to fulfill hiring tasks and invest saved time in business developing.

Hiring new talent required to start with job advertising, finding qualified candidates, scheduling interviews, after selection, perform background checks and validate them and make a decision. Employers need analytical data on hiring new talents and follow trend changes and shift of talent locations.

Job seekers can need a platform to present job skills and get maximum exposure to all employer/recruiters to get hired in less time. Job Seekers need analytical data to make career shift decisions and locations where new talent is shifting.



JobsHorn furnished variety of functions that assist employers, recruiters and job seekers at different expertise levels to fulfill individual requisites. All the features are designed to ease end user learning curve and become functional in less time.

Employers advertise their job requirement to hire new talent, requirement is distributed with social media and other service providers to maximize exposure to acquire well qualified professional. Employers are assisted with interview scheduling and other communication with job seekers. Qualified professionals background verification, criminal checks and employment verification can be ordered and monitor status of the same at one central location. Decision making is simplified with all required tools as one service platform.

Recruiters advertise their contract requirements to hire talents per individual client’s needs. All functions of employer will be furnished in addition to track client level requirements.

Job seekers profiles are presented to employers and recruiters in non-duplication algorithms to provide equal opportunity to each job individual.


More Features:

JobsHorn offers an easy-to-use interface with device in-depended design, availing a cloud based platform to work virtually from anywhere, constantly integrating with new service providers.